Safety Is Built In

CSA/UL approved regulator, fuel lines, flame-out sensor and engineered heat shielding work together to create a safer operating experience.  Safety
clamps, keep your lid securely
fastened during transport.

Easy To Operate

No more wasting time searching for a striker, lighter or matches.  Starting a melter has never been easier with our push button
electric ignition and t
wo independently operated burners.


Optimized kettle / burner design virtually eliminates flame-outs caused by wind while preventing hot spots and allowing greater temperature control.


Melts and applies up-to 50% more hot crack fill per day while using less than half the fuel compared to traditional ‘torch’ fired melter kettles


10-gallon Direct Fired Melter Kettler

The RY10MK-PRO is a portable Crack Fill Kettle designed to be free standing or optionally bolted to any truck or trailer.
Its heavy-duty molasses valve allows you to control the flow of material into any pour-pot or bander. Safety, reliability and
efficiency combine in this machine to create a contractor’s must-have.

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Safety Built In

Safer Fuel Lines

Fully Equipped with CSA/UL approved regulator to provide precise control over fuel flow to the kettle.”

Heat Shielded Fuel Lines Image

Flame-Out Sensor

The sealed burner is equipped with a CSA / UL approved flameout sensor which detects flameouts commonly caused by wind and prevents fuel from flowing to the burner

Flame out sensor

1/2″ Holes

holes in leg channels allow for safe and easy mounting to any truck or trailer

Flame out sensor

Safety Latch

Kettle is equipped with a latch, which helps keep your lid securely fastened while moving from job to job.

Heat Shield

Easy to Operate

Molasses Valve

2″ molasses valve quickly and conveniently dispenses melted crack filler

Push Button Start

Manual Agitation

Standard manual agitation allows for easy mixing of material as it melts

Side by Side Controls

Electric Ignition

No more wasting time searching for a striker, lighter or matches. Starting a melter has never been easier with our push button electric ignition

Push Button Start


Liquid-Filled Thermometer

The unique liquid-filled thermometer is highly resistant to damage caused by constant vibrations during regular use, which ensures a reliable temperature reading every time

Rear Wheel Assy with Bearings - Melter Applicator

Sealed Burner

The enclosed burner design is shielded from the elements and virtually eliminates flame-outs caused by wind, which are common to torch-fired models.

Dual Front Casters

Built-in Strainer

Built-in strainer prevents valve clogs from unmelted pieces of rubber

Sealed Burner




Melt crack sealant up to 50% faster than torch-fired models and allows you to apply up to 4800ft of crack filler per day.

Side-by-Side controls reduce operator fatigue, allowing you to get more done in less time.


Less Fuel

The Optimized burnet/kettle design provides even heat distribution during the melting process: this eliminates downtime caused by material crystallization common to torch-fired models.

The sealed burner consumes nearly 50% less fuel than traditional torch-fired melter kettles

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The RY10 Pro is a must-have for any serious asphalt maintenance contractor.

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