RY10 Crack Fill Melter Kettle

Safety Is Built In

Handle mounted controls keep the further from the got kettle during operation.

A slanted kettle promotes loading from the front of the machine, promoting safer loading and assisting material flow.

Easy To Operate

The on-the-fly valve control paired with the easy-swappable steel shoe enables effortless dispensing and optional spreading of material.

Handlebar mounted shoe control allows you to lower the shoe during application or keep it raised during transportation.


Large solid-steel wheels equipped with ball-bearings along with dual heavy-duty front castors make maneuvering and filling seams, cracks, or potholes a breeze.

A rigid 14 gauge powder coated kettle easily keeps material at the application temperature, regardless of climate.


Load, transport and apply thousands of pounds of mastic material per day into all types of cracks, seams, joints, or potholes.

Maintain and clean gate valve and chute with an included, handlebar mounted clean-out tool.


RY10MS Mastic Applicator

 The RY10MS was designed to load, dispense and maintain  hot material directly from skid mounted or trailer mastic kettles.

A slanted, ultra-low-profile design allows you to confidently load mastic material from either the front or right side of the kettle.

Material flow is carefully controlled through a large, rectangular gate valve which places hot material near the centre of an easy-to-swap ultra-heavy duty 8″ square steel shoe.

Fluid Capacity 10 US Gallons
Kettle Steel Thickness 14 Gauge
Kettle Loading Height 17.5″
Empty Weight 139 lbs / 63.2 kg
Max Capacity Weight 237 lbs / 107.7 kg
Fuel Type Propane
Max Fuel Pressure 30 psi
Burner Type 150,000 BTU/hr Heating Torch
Valve Type 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ Gate Valve
Agitation Type Manual


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