RY10MA-Pro Crack Fill Melter Applicator


Meet the RynoWorx® AirBoss, a revolution in sealer spraying. Available in 300, 575, and 750-gallon sizes, these units are designed for precise application of asphalt emulsion and coal tar sealers. Choose from trailer or skid system options, ready for your truck or trailer. Delivered fully assembled, the AirBoss prioritizes quality, simplicity, and performance, redefining the sealcoating experience. Achieve professional results with the RynoWorx® AirBoss, your ultimate asphalt sealer spray system.

RY10MA Crack Fill Melter Applicator

Push Melters

Our Crack Fill Applicators, including the RY10MA series, are safe, reliable, and efficient. Capable of melting and applying up to 4800 feet per day, they feature innovations like the RynoValve™, adjustable controls, and on-the-fly agitation. The PRO & ELITE models offer up to 50% less fuel consumption. Whether you choose the standard RY10MA or the advanced RY10MA-Elite, you’re investing in industry-leading pavement maintenance equipment.

RY10MK-PRO Crack Fill Melter Kettle


RynoWorx® Infrared Asphalt Heaters offer advanced asphalt restoration. Using infrared technology, they heat and soften damaged areas for seamless reworking. Choose from three models and connect multiple heaters for larger areas. In just 8 minutes, they restore asphalt to its original temperature for quick, cost-effective repairs. Ideal for fixing potholes, cracks, and other imperfections on new and used asphalt.

RY10MK-PRO Crack Fill Melter Kettle

Crack Cleaners

The HedgeHog® Lawn Edger & Crack Cleaner offers effortless maintenance. Powered by a RynoWorx® engine, it clears vegetation from cracks and edges driveways with ease. With a large fuel tank, adjustable depth, and curb-hopping wheels, it navigates uneven surfaces smoothly. Clean or edge 20–60 feet per minute for superior results. Enhance your landscaping with the HedgeHog®.

RY10MA-Pro Crack Fill Melter Applicator

Centrifugal Spray Systems

Experience safety, reliability, and efficiency with our cutting-edge centrifugal spray systems. Precision-engineered for superior performance and optimal material distribution, they’re a must-have for contractors. Our systems blend innovation and functionality, meeting modern demands.

RY10MA Crack Fill Melter Applicator

Stationary Kettles

The RY10MK-PRO is a portable Crack Fill Kettle designed to be free standing or optionally bolted to any truck or trailer.  Its heavy-duty molasses valve allows you to control the flow of material into any pour-pot or bander. Safety, reliability and
efficiency combine in this machine to create a contractor’s must-have.

RY10MK-PRO Crack Fill Melter Kettle


The RY10MS enhances efficiency in loading and dispensing hot material from mastic kettles. Its innovative design allows flexible loading from the front or right side. A large gate valve ensures precise material flow, placing hot material near the center of an interchangeable heavy-duty steel shoe. Improve your mastic application with the unique design and functionality of the RY10MS.

RY10MK-PRO Crack Fill Melter Kettle


Explore our professional pavement maintenance tools.  Gallon Pour Pot for efficient crack filling, the high-performance Hedgehog Tools Steel Crack Cleaning Wire Brush, the versatile Torch Upgrade Kit with Splitter, and the convenient Lift Handle for RY10MA-Elite

We’ve engineered and built a new generation of machines that are tougher, more efficient and safer to use than any already on the market, allowing you to maximize your business and maximize your profits. Don’t believe us? Check out our signature applicator, the RY10MA-Pro and then read what our stoked customers have to say about it.

Watch the RY10MA-PRO in Action!

RynoWorx Equipment is designed by guys who have worked in this business. It shows in every detail, like the flame-out-proof burner on my RY10 Pro.
Parker Findlay

Contractor, Eager Beaver

We used the RY10 on our runway at our flying field. It performed great. With the help of your machine we should be able to maintain the runway in great condition for years to come.
Keith Martin

Vice President, Simi Valley Flyers

Contractors are thirsting for better ways to get things done! Partner with us and together let’s help them Maximize Their Business!

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