Safety Is Built In

 • Adjustable regulator with built-in pressure gauge allows for safe
and precise control of fuel flow and heater temperature.
• Infrared heater technology replaces the need for an open torch
flame which creates a safer work area for the operator.

Easy To Operate

• RynoLink castor assemblies allow for multiple units to be connected
together and controlled by a single operator on larger work areas.
• Ergonomic adjustable handlebars allow for a compact footprint
during transportation and a raised position during operation.


• Optional wind skirts contain heat, and ensure that your Mini Infrared

Heater will not be affected by weather conditions.
• Easily replaceable heater cartridge.


• Eliminate trips to purchase new asphalt and dispose of old damaged
asphalt by simply re-heating and re-working the affected areas.
• The Mini Infrared Heater has one of the lowest operating costs on the
market, allowing 6-8 hours of runtime on a 20lbs propane tank.



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