Patent-pending burner design much safer than traditional models

It’s been 30 years since the torch-fired one-man crack fill melter applicator showed up on the market, and one man decided a change was long overdue.  Leigh Kuhn, president and founder of RynoWorx equipment manufacturing, is debuting his unique RY10 Pro Crackfill Melter Applicator with a patent-pending sealed burner design at National Pavement Expo 2016 in Charlotte January 27th.

“Torch-fired burners are okay on warm, still days with no wind,” said Kuhn, “but how many of those are there?  In average or above-average wind conditions, it’s not unusual for a torch-style burner to go out five or more times in an hour.  The operator finds the crack fill getting too thick, realizes the burner has gone out, and then has to (hopefully) clear the built-up propane before re-lighting the machine and then waiting for the material to come back up to temperature.  Not a very efficient – or safe – process.”

Kuhn and his engineer Eric Haiser set out to find a solution.  They invented a patent-pending sealed burner design that includes a flame-out sensor.  The sealed burner virtually eliminates the possibility of stray wind gusts blowing out the flame.

Safety didn’t stop there, though: the pair added a flame-out sensor to the machine, so that if the flame does go out, the flow of fuel stops: propane isn’t building up and creating the potential for a small explosion.

The body of the machine also has heavy heat shielding between the propane tank and the hot kettle, making a safer user experience.

There are more advantages to a sealed burner design.  Its halo shape allows for more even heating of the rubberized crack material, reducing crystallization, a common problem for crack fill contractors.  More heating area also means a faster melt time, so contractors can get more cracks filled in a day.  Traditional torch-fired machines melt about 600 pounds of crack filler in an 8-hour period; the RY10 Pro is capable of melting up to 900 lbs in the same amount of time – and uses less fuel to do it.

The RY10 Pro  standardizes many contractor wish-list items:  it has a push-button electric start, so contractors don’t have to fumble for lighters or strikers.  The handle bar features side-by-side controls for both applying and agitating.  The On-the-Fly-Agitation makes for a smoother application of crack fill without slowing the contractor down. And the thermometer is glycerine-filled, so that you get an accurate reading while in motion.  Air-filled thermometer gauges bounce all over the place, forcing the operator to stop for an accurate reading.  The unit also features heavy-duty dual front casters to increase stability on uneven or slanted ground.

Because the product was designed and engineered in Canada, cold weather performance was paramount.  The advanced kettle design extends the contractor’s season, tested to function at temperatures between -13°F – 104°F (-25°C to 40°C).

“It’s not every day that increasing safety increases efficiency, too,” said Kuhn, “but we think we nailed it with this design.  Safer, more productive, and more reliable: it was an idea whose time had come.”

The machine is being displayed at booth 622 on the show floor.

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